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About HotSpot

Nature tends to control the activity of proteins in the cell not through the active site but through allosteric regulatory sites. HotSpot is focused on finding modulators of these allosteric sites in well validated disease targets in order to drug proteins previously perceived hard to drug or undruggable.

Through our proprietary technology platform called SpotFinder™, we are uncovering privileged allosteric sites – called regulatory hotspots - that can be exploited for small molecule drug discovery.  Regulatory hotspots are allowing sought-after targets to be drugged for the first time while delivering molecules with exquisite selectivity, in vivo potency and attractive drug-like properties.

To date, HotSpot has identified regulatory hotspots across over 100 targets spanning many pathways of pharmaceutical interest. HotSpot has delivered the first and only allosteric inhibitors for PKC-theta and S6 kinase, offering important new ways to treat autoimmune and metabolic disease.

HotSpot is supported by a syndicate of leading healthcare investors based in the US and Europe. For more information, please see our website at

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an entrepreneurial individual who is curious to learn more about drug discovery, clinical trial development, various indications, company strategy, (in-house) consulting, platform development, and how to set up a venture capital backed biotech company. Please feel free to apply if you are a communicative and reliable person who likes to work on this demanding, yet highly rewarding and versatile position.


How HotSpot works with idalab

idalab GmbH is a close collaborator to HotSpot and has helped developing crucial parts of SpotFinder ™. idalab is HotSpot’s partner of choice when it comes to Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, statistics, and development of user interfaces. The company provides office space for all HotSpot colleagues working from Germany. Over the last two years, idalab hosted several work summits bringing together numerous collaborators of HotSpot resulting in productive interdisciplinary meetings.  

Your role

a) Influence HotSpot’s strategic decision-making with your work. Key tasks will include:

  • Systematic analysis of disease areas and indications across scientific, medical, regulatory and commercial dimensions
  • Competitor analysis in given indication
  • Generation of treatment rationale, differentiation hypothesis and potential narrative for selected targets of interest
  • Draft preliminary clinical development plan based on analysis of competitive and regulatory environment
  • Identification and interviewing of leading experts in the field
  • Generation of visual output and presentations to supervisor and/or team

b) Assist in analysis and interpretation of data being generated from HotSpot’s in silico SpotFinder™ platform. Key tasks will include:

  • Confirming and pressure testing in sillico data
  • Assessing therapeutic potential of protein of interest by means of literature and databases searches, e.g. link to disease, Knock-Out data, mutational analyses, competition on target etc.,
  • Optional: Help amending SpotFinder™ in light of potential strategic reorientation

c) There is also the opportunity to work on AI/ML-related projects in the life sciences with our partner idalab for other clients. In those engagements your key tasks will be:

  • Develop sound concepts and strategies for the realization of ambitious projects
  • Be the subject matter expert for all things related to the Life Sciences during data analysis and modelling, collaborating closely with data scientists and AI experts on project work
  • Analyze data, develop and evaluate models (depending on your technical abilities)
  • Run workshops, present results and handle client communication in general, including at senior decision-maker level
  • Contribute to business development, marketing and knowledge development initiatives in the life sciences sector


Your background and previous experience

We are looking for candidates who have a PhD in life sciences related subjects. Previous work experience in a pharmaceutical company or a consulting firm is an advantage, yet not mandatory.


  • PhD degree in life science related subject
  • Fluent English skills (writing and speaking)
  • International work experience
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Work with minimal supervision, pay attention to details, understand and solve complex problems to develop quick solutions

Nice to have

  • Keen interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational approaches in general, previous hands-on experience
  • Programming experience in Python or R



idalab GmbH, Potsdamer Strasse 68, Berlin, Germany. You will be part of HotSpot’s Berlin based team, which is co-located with idalab, our strategic partner for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 


Application process

HotSpot’s application procedure follows a standardized process. In a 30-45 min telephone call we will learn about your motivation and knowledge base. You will then receive a case study which you shall complete within a specified timeframe. During the interview day at the idalab office you will have three one-on-one interviews. Eventually you will have an opportunity to present your case study to the team.

At HotSpot, we have a bold mission to establish new drug discovery paradigms.  If this appeals to you, please upload your application (cover letter, CV, relevant certificates) via the career homepage at idalab GmbH.

We are looking forward to meeting you.